SPLITREAD is a novel method for detecting INDELs (small insertions and deletion with size less than 50bp) as well as large deletions deletions that are within the coding regions from the exome sequencing data. It also can be applied to the whole genome sequencing data.

2011-10-13: SPLITREAD version 0.1 release:

  • Initial release of SPLITREAD.
  • This version uses mrsFAST for mapping. It predicts all deletions and small insertions and output a bed file with support value. It mostly uses bash scripts for processing the intermediate files. An update with the BWA version and a better output format will be released soon.

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mrFAST: Our default Illumina read mapper that finds both indels and mismatches and performs iterative search to increase mapping sensitivity. Specifically designed for copy number variation and structural variation analysis.

mrsFAST: Our alternative Illumina read mapper that finds only mismatches to increase mapping speed. Also supports bisulfite mapping.

mrCaNaVaR: Copy number caller that analyzes the whole-genome next-generation sequence mapping read depth to discover large segmental duplications and deletions.

drFAST: Read mapper for  di-base color-space reads generated with the SOLiD platform.

VariationHunter: Structural variation calling algorithm using read pair mapping information including suboptimal alignments.

NovelSeq: Novel sequence insertion discovery framework.


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